RotRL Wednesday Nights

Imagine Dragons

...ugh, someone change the station

So even though the dragon that Shalelu shot at is a mirage, it can still hurt us. That is some bullshit. It shoots lightening at me and Silly quite effectively. Ouch.

Silly calls up a big old windstorm to keep the mirage away from us.

Apparently Not PieHole has an idea where the real dragon might be. I peer into the area and lo and behold I spot the dragon hanging off the side of the building.

I alert everyone and fire off my remaining arrow of greater dragon slaying and while it doesn’t kill him dead, it makes him so unhappy….that I see a flash of light…

I’m laying on the ground…everything hurts. I struggle to my feet and try to shoot the dragon. He seems a lot more damaged than I remembered…but I’m not able to add to it.

Bombs are flying around the dragon but Shelalu puts it down with an arrow right in the eye! Huzzah!

We get another Sihedren ring. So now three of us have some protection to get through the whatever plane.

In the distance is the sound of giants advancing. Goody. I eat Giants for breakfast.



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