RotRL Wednesday Nights

Mop up (Session 033)

I could have killed them all

We have this really great plan. It might even work.

And then Jakardros went all Leroy Jenkins on us and ran right out doing stuff and hollering about chicken!

So I take off too. Damn Silly’s plan to hell!

Turns out that Monkeyboy didn’t have the right spells anyway so the whole plan is practically a bust.

But at least I got chicken.

I run most of the way to the guardhouse and get caught up by an ogre. He damages Keb severely and I retaliate in anger! I make quick work of him and then scurry up the ladder with a wounded Keb following close behind.

The ogres keep missing me with their stupid javelins! I am invincible! I fire at a nearby ogre on the wall. He tries an AOO on me and misses! Ha ha! You can’t catch me! He slams Keb who crumples in a scary unmoving heap. NO! NOOOOOOO! I lash out in anger and do some serious business on him. What? Why is he getting sleepy? He nods off and slides off the wall. That was my kill! Damn monkey boy.

The ogre wakes up when he squishes on the ground. If only he had died from falling. And woken up just to realize that he was dying. Yeah. But instead he tries to start climbing up again so I shoot him in the eye. And he dies. And drops to the ground. And hopefully comes to just enough to die again from the fall.

Bastard. Someone needs to help Keb. Monkey boy is close enough but has nothing to help. I am just going to keep killing ogres until I feel better.

Fortunately, one run right toward me and I very nearly put him down in two shots. Hmm, now another runs toward me. Whatever. They shall all die. I hear Shalelu singing my praises in the distance!

The one in front of me drops sleepy. The handy work of Monkey boy. I step over the sleeping ogre to kill the one that is cowering behind him. I will not be denied!

I execute him in his sleep! We have vanquished them all! It is glorious. And now Keb can be healed and all will be well.



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