RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 19: Note next to Renbity's Journal Entry from PiKraK

-she keeps forgetting about my AWESOMENESS! and FLEX... NESS!

Damn Dead things make me not move so I missed all the killing the already dead things. I even missed seeing Renbity die and all. I don’t want her to die, but if it’s gonna happen, I wanna be there to see her die a Adventurer’s death or whatever those cards in those markets say.

Finally I can move again tho that bite still hurts and I end up helping wake up the sleeping on the job Renbity. The we all end up watching the dead ugly lady kill the guy that had a BIG CRUSH on Renbity and we didn’t have 3D glasses. Now, don’t get me wrong, watching her kill the guy was AWESOME!!! of course, it still had me drooling for battle so I felt killing her would be good, but then she disappeared. Of all the nerve… But me PiKraK know why the ugly left a good battle! It was scared of my awesome FLEXness!

Jealous of all the activity, I was about to leave very sad. So sad I might have needed to throw a tantrum or something by throwing a few dead bodies around to paint the walls and stuff, but until I searched the dead guy and found a cool mask made of human faces. It is SO COOL. Renbity thinks it’s the ugliest, nastiest smelliest, disgustingest thing ever, and I said uh uh.. and she said uh huh, and I said un uh because she said Gilly was, and then she said something else but I forgot and we did something else.

Later on, Gilly pulls me to the side when Renbity is doing her lady stuff (ewwww!) and says I should wear the mask in front of Renbity all the time and he kept saying all the time, all the time, all the time in his funny accent as we were relaxing for a quick snack of the big dear leg we acquired.

Stalker’s Mask

Price 3,500 gp;
Aura faint illusion;
CL 5th;
Weight 1 lb.

Preserved sections harvested from several different human faces cover this mask. When worn, the mask desaturates the wearer’s color, making him appear shadowy and granting a +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks. Once per day as a full-round action, the wearer can cause the mask’s features to take on the appearance of any creature of the wearer’s basic size and shape within 60 feet that he observes, allowing the wearer to adopt that creature’s appearance for 1 hour. This grants him a +10 bonus on Disguise checks made to appear as the creature. The mask also grants the wearer a +1 bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made against the creature he is disguised as, as the mask builds upon the wearer’s rage and jealousy of the target’s appearance.



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