RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 002

North Gate, Boneyard and Boar Hunt

As the brawl in the Town Square ended, the heroes raced north towards sounds of further battle at North Gate.

There they defeated some more goblins and saved the life of the nobleman Aldern Foxglove. The grateful aristocrat offered a reward if they’d meet him at the Rusty Dragon Inn the next morning.

At this point the town seemed out of immediate danger and the heroes turned to discovering the means of goblin ingress. There were no signs of goblin entry at North Gate.

They soon learned there was a problem at the Sandpoint Boneyard, and investigated an opened vault. After two skeletons were defeated, they discovered that a party of six goblins and one medium humanoid had scaled the town walls at this point, broken into the vault and stolen the bones of the late Father Ezakien Tobyn. Gilly surmised that the entire goblin raid had been a diversion for this theft.

After receiving various indications of gratitude from several important people in town, the heroes decided to wait a few days for Shalelu Andosana to return. They received a week’s free boarding at the Rusty Dragon Inn, compliments of Ameiko Kaijitsu.

The next morning, an effusive Aldern Foxglove gave them a reward of 50gp, bought them horses for riding, and invited them on a boar hunt to the Tickwood. Renbity felled the subsequently found boar with a massive blow, much to Lord Foxglove’s pleasure.

Back at the Rusty Dragon later that afternoon, while the boar was being roasted and Lord Foxglove rested, Pikrak and Gilly went shopping.



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