RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 003 by Gilly

Awaiting Shalelu

Spoke to old codger Chask Haladan in the Rusty Dragon Inn. Chask owns The Curious Goblin book shop on Main Street.

Chask told us the story of Jervis Stoot who used to carve things about the city. He was responsible for a horrible string of 25 murders, known as Chopper’s Spree.

The terrible fire at the Sandpoint Chapel consumed the chapel and buildings on the northeast part of town. Chask also said that Tobyn was a generous man who adopted a girl who might have been half celestial. She was also killed in the fire. Nualia was her name.

The feast begins, and the boar we hunted this morning was served.

An elderly Tian man named Lonjiku Kaijitsu came in, cussing in foreign language. He is Amieko’s father.

Aldern Foxglove falls victim to Renbity’s desire for more money, and gives us each 25gp more.

We await Shalelu Andosana at the Rusty Dragon. I visit Chask at the Curious Goblin.

Investigating Nualia; Not much real info. Children and some adults were uncomfortable around her and treated her poorly. Asked about any children who might have known her. Ameiko and her half-brother (Tsuto Kaijitsu), Katrine Vinder possibly knew her.

Visited Father Zantus to ask about Nualia. She had gotten pregnant by a boy named Delek Vishkanta. Tobyn wanted Nualia to join a convent, but that was a no-go afterward. Delek was angry she was pregnant and left town. Nualia’s child died in childbirth.

Delek was a nobody. Madame Niska Mvashti, an old woman in the town, was the midwife for the birth. She is the fortune teller on Festival Street at Prickle-Back Lane.

Pikrak goes to get a gift for Katrine. He ends up at the Pixie’s Kitten, thinking to buy a cat. But it is a brothel and he is not looking for that kind of kitten. He gets a scarf at a shop and then looks for a messenger to take it to the store for him.

Havlock spanks his monkey.

While waiting at the Rusty Dragon Inn, Pikrak meets Katrine’s younger sister Shayliss Vinder and she has rats in the basement problem. Something smells fishy about the rats, and Piekrak soon discovers where the fish smell is coming from. Shayliss is hot for barbarian and jumps his bones.

Ven Vinder arrives unexpectedly, as if we did not expect it, and catches them inflagrante! A fight ensues, although Pikrak attempts to talk his way out of the inflagrante. Pikrak loses his composure after getting jacked in the jaw, and smacks Ven heartily.

Pikrak convinces Ven he is not boinking Shayliss, but Ven is angry and kicks him out. He does not want Pikrak around the girls.

Later, a lady named Amele Barett comes to the Inn upset that there is a goblin in her house. Their son, Aerin said there was a monster in the closet, and the father Alergast investigated and did not find anything. The dog, Petal, was attacked and the son as well. We follow to her house.

Alergast is in a room “not looking so good”. A crazed goblin is pulling him into a hole in the closet. It attacks. We kill it, but it has offed the dog and Alergast. Sheriff Hemlock comforts the widow while we look into the hole. There does not seem to be a way in, and Shalelu has arrived. We go to see her.

Shalelu says she hunts goblins in the region. There are 5 major gobbo tribes in the region. They usually fight amongst themselves. This time, all 5 tribes were involved in the fight at Sandpoint. She thinks someone is organizing them. Renbity tells her about Tobyn’s bones being stolen.

Birdcrunchers live in caves by Devil’s Platter. Licktoad tribe lives in the Brinestump Marsh and is led by Rendwattle Gutwad. Thistletop Goblins led by Ripnugget live in the Nettlewood on Thistletop. Bruthazmus is a bugbear ranger living in that wood. The Mosswood gobbo’s are the largest tribe led by Big Gugmut. In Shank’s Wood are the Seven Tooth gobbos and they raid the junkyard in Sandpoint. Led by Koruvus, who recently disappeared or may have hid in a secret lair.

The town agrees to pay us 200gp to watch the town for a couple of weeks while Sheriff Hemlock goes to get reinforcements. 500gp upon their return.

Later that evening, we visit the Fortune Teller M’Vashti and ask her to read our fortunes. Koya the daughter leads us in. She is roughly 40 which would make her the age of Nualia’s unknown mother.. We arrive with MVashti. We tell her Pikrak came into contact with the bones of Tobyn and we are trying to find out if there is any danger. We then try to pry some info out of the Furtune Teller about Nualia.

She tells us the pregnancy did not go well. Koya and her were called in and the child was a monster, mis-carried. Nualia was tainted by Lamashtu in some way. Nualia fell into a coma and did not ever awake.

Then Pikrak asks Madame Mvashti to do a Harrowing on him.



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