RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 004 by Renbity

blah blah blah rune lords

There really isn’t anything to do. I have to wait two days before I can go ranging and show Shelelu how awesome I am. I follow Silly Gawbones in whatever he is doing. He wants to go see some murderer which seems better than listening to piehole’s fortune (which, btw, is “you’re a big dummy, dummy.”).

Unfortunately, on the way to something interesting, we ran into an old man who was looking at a ruined tower. And he strikes up a conversation with him! Everyone knows you don’t talk to the crazy. But now we have to listen to a buncha crap about the rune lords. Ugh.

Silly tells the old coot that we’re happy to investigate his boring and not at all controversial theory. So boring. We finally get to move on only to find out that the tide came in while gramps was flapping his gums and we can’t get to the island. We’ll have to go later.

The next morning, someone knocks on the door at a ridiculously early hour. Halfings have to get up early to fit all those breakfasts in. I guess that Ameiko is missing. The halfling has a note imploring her to meet her brother at midnight and tell no one. Ameiko took her rapier and lute and didn’t come back. Smells like a trap to me. Stupid girl.

We go to check out the Sandpoint Glassworks. It’s too early for most things to be open, but there’s smoke out of the stack so the furnace is going. Silly breaks a window and we crawl in. There’s an open safe. The sounds of breaking glass and giggling goblins easily come through the doors.

We take a peek and there is a human covered in formerly molten glass and the goblins splashing more glass around and stuff.

Great. But at least killing things will pass the time. A short period of time, anyway. They are weak. And quite over-matched. Silly lets one escape though. He’s too lazy to go after it. Easier to just kill the one that monkey boy put to sleep.

The body that is covered in glass is Ameiko’s dad. That’s not who I expected to find here!

This story isn’t making any sense. Why is Ameiko’s dad glassed? Where is Ameiko and her brother?

Let’s try the basement!

There’s a goblin and a dude down there. But they won’t last for long!

Well, maybe that was a little optimistic. The guy got away, but we killed the goblin!



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