RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 005 by Renbity

look how powerful I am now!

We find Ameiko in the basement. With some stuff. She tells Silly what was going on. It’s pretty boring so I don’t really listen. Silly wants to look at some dumb journal…it has pictures of a nekkid chick. Anyhow, Ameiko’s bro is hooked up with the celestial skank daughter of Tobyn. She burned his bones to start some kind of magical transformation. And she’s down below trying to release something nasty. That is some serious evil plan. I guess I don’t get to go ranging now.

We need to rest up and head down into the smuggler’s tunnels. We follow the main tunnel to a cave that leads to north beach. Tracks indicate that Ameiko’s bro went this way and escaped. We check out the other tunnels. To the west we find bricks and a cave. We venture into a cave and are immediately attacked by some creepy nightmare spawn.

Piehole takes the worst of it. So that’s no big deal. We make fairly quick work of it anyway and press on.

The tunnel tunnels into a room. Which leads in turn to many hallways. Ugh. We come upon a chamber with a status of one o them rune lords. At least that’s what Silly says she is. Piehole steals a weapon from the statue. Nice!

We find a prison of sorts and stupid Silly makes me blunder in there right into one of those ugly spawn things. We take care of them pretty easily and move on through the dungeon.

We find a scroll, but no one can read it. We find a room full of pits of moaning creatures. There’s a mutant goblin running towards us with a flaming sword. Nice. But we manage to kill him with little trouble. The pits are full of starving zombies. Gross.

We find a weird room with a buncha shit floating around in the air. Silly Gaw Bones manages to retrieve a wand, a scroll, a book and a bottle of wine from there.

But now what?



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