RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 007 by Renbity

In which I save the day! (or, When History is Written by the Losers)

Ooh, Shelelu is going to come with us to Thistletop! I can’t wait until she gets a load of my great rangering skills. She’s sure to be impressed!

We take off in the morning and I get to lead the party!! It’s so exciting! We follow a herd of deer into the nettlewoods. There’s a very strong enchantment on this forest. We have to walk in intricate circles before I can safely lead everyone out of it. Silly Gawbones wanders into a patch of goblin berries even though I warned him about them! Shelelu lets Piehole lead the party for a while. I guess she didn’t want him to feel bad.

We get to the goblin fortress (which is really very well placed and super defensible). Silly Gawbones sets off some lightning bombs to distract the goblins. We make our way through the nettlewood tunnels to get the goblins!

We are met by a bunch of goblin dogs. I can calm one of them…but not all of them! They are going to alert the goblins! We have to put them down sadly. Shelelu and I make an excellent team.

We are trying to sneak across the bridge without being seen. Silly Gawbones casts some mist and we run onto the bridge. It fails, though and I jump back at the last minute. Silly and Shelelu fall to their deaths though.

Well, maybe they aren’t dead. I dunno. It’s way down there.

Oh, I see them swimming to the shore. It’s way more than 50 feet down but fortunately I have 2 ropes! So I tie them together and drop a rope down to rescue Shelelu. But Silly Gawbones grabs the rope and climbs up first. Figures.

Now someone is coming at us with a fancy angry cat! What the hell is this? Silly and Shelelu climb up. I try and shoot at the cat but it must have some kind of magical shield. My bolt flies off in an related direction.

Now the goblin with the cat also has a fire sword. What the hell?

I think our stealthy approach is pretty much blown at this point.

Shelelu puts down the fancy cat and I riddle the fire wielding goblin with bolts.

Oh wait, he’s getting away.

Oh well, I guess we had better sort out this bridge situation.

Silly and Piehole cross the damaged bridge and manage to fix the other side. It’s a miracle!

Now the rest of us can cross!



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