RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 011 by Renbity

Why do I feel so weak?

So me and Piehole don’t feel so good. That tentacled beast left a mark on us for sure. Stupid thing.

We’re checking out other places in Thistletop and Silly Gawbones finds something awry in the room with all the boring ass writing and war planning stuff. I find a secret door thanks to his suspicions. He’s good for something I guess.

The door opens onto dark stairs going down and naturally we follow them.

Silly Gawbones manages to nearly get coleslawed by a pair of porcullii and some swinging blades. I make the jump easily and take over the handling of monkey boy’s monkey which elicits giggling from him for some reason.

We head into a room to the north where there’s some magical well and a lot of exposition. And it’s really old and stuff. And the magic has all worn off or something. Monkey boy and I want to take some water from the magical well and sell it to people in Sandpoint. But, no, the party is all in a hurry to get somewhere else.

The next room has a pillar that looks like a pile of gold coins. That’s obviously a trap so we ignore it and move on the to skull crushing doors at the south end of the room.

Stupid Piehole and Silly Gawbones open up a bunch of old coffins and the next thing you know the room is full of nasty shadows. And they immediately attacked me and no one else and now I feel even worse. Stumbling around and swinging wildly I fail to connect. I don’t know how you would connect with a shadow anyway. Even when I’m right on target nothing happens! I stagger out of the room, just hoping to survive and that the rest of the party can manage the shadows.

I cover my ears so I cannot hear their screams. How long should I wait before I depart this place?

But eventually they manage to handle the shadows. And we decide to stay down below and rest and heal. Silly Gawbones actually comes in handy for this. Monkey boy says he doesn’t use his strength so Piehole can have it.

I feel a little better…but I hope we don’t run into those guys again!



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