RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 013 I think by Renbity

we're not dead yet!

But it’s close. Piehole is all bloody and stuff. And depressed.

I seem to have had one of those mysterious blackouts again. Why does this keep happening to me? Well, at least I didn’t wake up in some weird half-orc’s bed like last time.

Anyhow, we move toward a secret door looking for something that we might have a better chance at killing. Unfortunately all we find is a giant helmet lobster who immediately tries to drag Piehole under the water.

Silly Gawbones hacks a claw off! Yum! I think I’d best boil some water.

He must be magically armored because my arrows bounce ineffectually off him!

The helmet lobster grabs at Silly and starts to drag him under. But Piehole knocks him dead in the process! The helmet lobster…not Silly.

We want to take the lobster’s helmet with us, but it’s really heavy. We’re going to have to rest to get some magic to help us. But first we’re going to have to go back and kill the big bad…and then we’ll head home triumphant!

We rest, buff up and head on in.

This is the part where the remnants of the journal are found tattered and bloodied by the next lucky group of adventurers. Right? Not exactly…

We drop some coins in the magic column and make our way in. The M guy hears us coming and starts casting!

Monkey Boy drops a slumber hex on the M and down he goes. I’m so excited, I run in to shoot him dead, but monkey boy tells me not to wake him up. He’s probably right, I lower my bow and Silly steps in to steal my kill!

Which he does handily. Yay.



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