RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 016 by Renbity

Something's afoot

And the butler didn’t do it.

Anyhow…Silly wants to go look at the earlier crime scene and to interview the sole survivor of the earlier massacre.

There’s nothing to be found here. Piehole follows some tracks into the water, but we don’t learn anything from that. We already know it likes to travel by water.

We make our way on to the crazy place where the survivor guy is. The doc doesn’t think we should see the prisoner, er patient. But Piehole persuades him otherwise and they bring the poor sap in.

He’s a mess. A filthy mess. And he’s clearly jealous of me because he thinks “his Lordship” likes me more than him. He has some kind of message for me. Something about his Lordship having a precious place for me. Ugh. You know this happens all the time.

He rips free of the straighjacket with a sickening sound. Gross. I draw my bow and shoot. He charges me but I keep him from touching me directly. Piehole grabs him and the orderlies wrap him back up.

The inmate goes back to his space. Silly Gawbones wants us to stay and keep watch to see if the survivor tries to escape. Which he doesn’t. So that was a total waste of time.

Piehole keeps going on about something called smores. Sounds nasty.

In the morning Piehole spotting the orderly with a hump sneaking away from the building and furtively glancing back. We chase him down and confront him. He says that the doc and some necrofeeler were up all night healing the inmate up slightly…so he lived long enough to turn into something.

Sounds like they need some killing. So we send the humpback back to town on Silly’s horse with instructions to summon sheriff poison and a posse. [DM note: He didn’t go to town.]

We bust into the nut house and into the doc’s bedroom. He gives us a bunch of bs about how it’s not his fault and all that. We march him in front of us into the basement to get the necrofeeler.

I barge into the basement and strike one of the images of nekkie. Soon, there will be only him. Suddenly I’m plunged into darkness. What the hell? Who turned out the lights? Something bites me? Bites me?? I am the one who bites. I slash wildly in the dark and make contact.


Ouch! I get hit by a few things all at once. And then I feel something burny nearby. I don’t feel so surrounded. Something pushed past me. I stagger out of the way and then start to feel better. Is that monkey boy? Thanks, monkey boy!

I wish someone would turn on the lights.

I hear cheering. I guess we killed nekkie. I still can’t see, though. Silly says it’s permanent and puts some pirate patches on my eyes.

Can’t we get out of here? How long are we going to be rooting around in the cellar? Guys? Guys?

[DM note: The party found notes from the necromancer that suggested a plague of ghouls was menacing nearby farms. Before they decided to deal with this, however, they needed to go back to Sandpoint to rest and get Renbity’s vision restored.]



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