RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 018 by Renbity

More strange mental blank spots

I don’t quite know how I got here….standing aghast surrounded by dead ghouls or something. Must have been a good fight…

My journal has some BS that Silly wrote in it while I was in a fugue state or whatever.

We find a key with a family crest on it. Hey, it’s to one of little lord fancy pants houses. and then go into the house. Where we find another dead guy and another key. And a bunch of neat leather wallets full of silver pieces.

There’s a couple of limp and whining scarecrows while checking out the rest of the farm. They are a couple in the throes of Ghoul Fever. Which sounds ghastly. There may be time to save them. We summon the horses. Well…I summon George with a mighty whistle and the rest of the horses naturally follow him. We load up the sickies and head toward town.

We drop them at the temple and instruct Father Xanthony how to take care of them and save them from turning. Hey, sometimes you should rescue people and sometimes you let The Biter have them.

We freak PieHole out by telling him that he looks kind of pasty. He was hit many times during the battle and maybe he has a bit of ghoul fever himself. LOL. He probably doesn’t have it. But it’s fun to make him sweat anyway.

We round up a bunch of people with ties to the people who have all the runes on them and try to figure out what the common element is between the people who have been marked with the rune. That is a bunch of boring talking. It’s really hard to pay attention. And it’s warm in here besides. And I’m sleepy.

Gilly ineffectively grills the people. PieHole gets impatient and shakes one of them until he admits that he was embezzling from the mill and having an affair with one of the dead girls. Is she the “she” of the notes? The one “his Lordship” laid claim to in the creepy notes to me.

Talking to Farmer Grump trying to get info about Crade Hambley. He said he was a cheapskate and a penny pincher. And we learned almost nothing else.

Then we talked to the dead gal’s dad. And got pretty much nothin but a bunch of boo-hoo. Not that I blame him. It’s pretty sad.

PieHole gives us 85 gp each. I hand my directly to monkeyboy. Gotta pay off that debt.

Anyhow given that the notes are trying to lure me into the ghoul pack, maybe we should use me as bait. That sounds like a terrible idea. Gilly thinks we should let me get infected and he could remove disease. But he has to touch me for that. Ewww. Both options sound terrible.

We decide to follow up on the key with the Fancy Pants logo. There’s a haunted manor nearby nicknamed “The Misgivings”. Yeah, that’s where we should go.

We rest up and then make our way to the Misgivings in the morning. On first sight it more than lives up to its name.

We explore some ruins outside the horrible place. They are old, boring and broke down. There is nothing of interest here. PieHole wants to C-L-I-M-B into the W-E-L-L. Um. No. Silly wants to go in the front door. The place is supposed to be deserted. Plus, don’t we have a key? I could have sworn we have a key!

We use it to go in. Go figure.

There’s a big creature with bat wings and a stingy tail on display in the room. We go into a library where there’s a boring book on the floor, a scarf and a bookend. Boring. In the dining room there are stained glass windows depicting a tree ent, a Roc and a kraken coming out of a box or being drawn into it. And the box has a bunch of runes on it. It’s weird because the ugly stained glass keeps you from seeing the pretty landscape. If you wanted to look at pretty landscape.

There’s a monkey head mounted on the wall with a bell pull coming out of its mouth. Monekyboy is distraught and pulls it. A shriek echoes through the house, but no Lurch appears.

We continue to search this floor. Piehole finds a blind rat trying to get out of the tub and eat his face.

There’s nothing on this floor. We head to the basement. Evil always lives in the basement!

There’s a noise and suddenly rats come swarming out of the cracks in the walls. Rats? I hate rats. Why did it have to be rats? Monkeyboy and Piehole take a bunch of them down. They swarm over me biting. I swing the Biter wildly but it doesn’t seem to do any good. I think I have jungle fever now. Great. Piehole takes the rest.

But I don’t feel so good…



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