RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 019 by Renbity Redux

In which we try again

So we head upstairs. This whole place appears to be deserted. Sometimes we hear some faint piano music, but I think that’s just a side effect of being in a scary house.

We go through all the boring rooms. Silly won’t let us touch anything because he doesn’t want to wind up the ghosts. We find a room that hadn’t fallen into disrepair like the rest of the house. We actually searched it thoroughly and still didn’t find anything.

We systematically work through the rooms. And find nothing! Well there was that one room with the painting that was saying “We all float down here.”

We finally come across a room with some gal sobbing behind a door. We kick the door in and she makes no notice of our entrance. An old hag is sobbing into a mirror. If I looked like her, I would be sobbing too! What do I look like? I glance into the mirror. My hair’s a little mussed. My cheeks are flushed from the hunt. Ah, yes, I smile. So nice. Silly Gawbones smashes the mirror! Hey! I was using that!

The hag stands and screams so loud that PieHole and Monkey Boy shit themselves. She screams something about some dude she will have in her arms again and races off. We follow her.

She ends up back on the ground floor mesmerized by the weird stain in the front room. It’s like a moldy spiral staircase littered with skulls. The hag screams again and holy crap but she is totally scary! I may have pooped myself a bit. The hag starts tearing up the floor and once she makes a hole she drops through to a room with a spiral staircase going deep into the floor.

This can’t be good. It smells bad.

We follow anyway.

Down in the depths, where we don’t float at all, she’s surrounded by ghouls who seem to be afraid of her. They mostly seem like they are going to ignore us, so I continue to pursue her.

I run off after her into the darkness. Why don’t I have any sunrods? Or matches? or something. Anything except Silly Gawbones glow in the dark penis. Ugh.

There’s water in here. I can hear her moving around. I try to follow through the dark. Something nasty smelling sidles up to me. And bites! Ouch! I feel sick. I don’t feel ghastly, though. Yet.

Another smelly creature attacks and I can’t move! Monkey Boy and the glow in the dark penis come around the corner (har har) and now I can see exactly how much trouble I am in. Good thing my sphincter is also paralyzed.

The ghasts around me suddenly don’t look so good. I wonder what happened? Doesn’t seem to stop them from biting me. Ouch. Blackness.

When I come to, Silly Gawbones is leaning over me in a suspicious manner. I don’t feel so good. But all the ghasts are dead so I must have kicked some ass. I drink the cure potions I have in my pack. And stand.

The hag is about to bust through the door she’s pounding on. I plan on following her through.

And so I do. And there in the room is a bunch of mold and The Skinsaw Man. Yay.

The hag runs toward the Skinsaw Man and caresses his head. He appears to appreciate it but shuns her once he sees me. Of course he does. I mean, did you see her? She’s a hag. Anyhow, that angers her up but good. She lashes out at him and damn near kills him at once. I hold back. Waiting to see what happens. Maybe these two bads can take each other out.

And so she does. The Hag just takes him out. And then disappears. Just like that. Huh. There’s a lot of stuff that I touched and some hair that looks like mine. And some dirty drawings of me! Gross!

There’s a shattered puzzle box that MonkeyBoy says is a lich something or another. And that the box is featured in one of the stained glass windows above. There’s also two keys. One with an opal and a small one with a lion’s head.

The parts of the puzzle box start rattling and this freaks everyone out. Then Gilly starts tryin to eat fungus.

That is disgusting. I think we need to make this stuff go away. I throw a torch at it. Most of it burns away but I don’t think I killed it all. Something isn’t right. And Gilly still wants to eat it.

He does eat it and it gives him terrible boils on his face. Now there’s no more enchantment AND he’s really sick. But he has some scroll of remove syphilich so it’s ok, I guess.

And then we find a fancy note. Blah blah blah. Silly Gawbones reads it. So boring.

So we’ve solved these murders…but now we have more to explore. That keeps happening. It’s like we’re never done.



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