RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 020 by Renbity

Oh good, the subtitles display now

So we need to rest for the evening. And to find a good place to rest, we decide to go exploring parts of this smelly dungeon that we have not seen before! And guess what we find? Yes, some giant bat swinging around! Of course there is.

So I shoot at it and it attacks me! Ouch! I massacre it with the Biter.

Silly Gawbones cleans up after me.

We search the room and find a dead bandit with a bounty. And 56 gp and some shiny stuff.

Silly does something that lets us sleep smarter or something and rest up in a shorter period! That’s pretty handy. We heal up a bit first and then take a nap.

Now we wanna go up to the floor with the locked room and see if one of these keys will open a door!

It turns out that we are able to get into the room even though the keys don’t fit. That’s because the hole the crazed Aisha tore up comes up in the locked part. Clever.

We do eventually find the key in the attic. Like it matters now.

We’re going off to Magnimar. Because it was listed in the note from whoever was controlling The Skinsaw Man. And because we have a bounty to collect. And because we have some keys that don’t match anything here.

We ride off to the city which takes a couple of days. It’s a big city. And we’re having some trouble finding Foxglove manner. We need to find a cheap place to stay.

We eventually buy enough people off that someone shows us where the manor is. Sheesh. This stuff is hard. Cities suck.

The opal key works just fine on the front door! Yay! But wait a minute…Aisha and Aldren foxhounds are there. Acting like everything is normal. What is going on? I step into their parlor (as suggested) and suddenly they turned into some kind of aberration and attacked me!




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