RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 022 by Renbity

Oh, the exposition...

This inquiry is boring. There was a lot of reading. And there’s some ledger that no one can read. And Piehole wasn’t able to intimidate much information out of Judge Ironpants.

Silly keeps trying. But it’s really boring. Secret societies. Corruption. Same old shit. Old men trying to take things over any which way they can. The rings, robes and ceremonies are all kinds of typically impotent drag. They are all probably compensating.

Anyhow, Monkey Boy breaks the charm on Judge Ironpants and he spills all the beans about Zenisha and her making him do all manner of evil things (which are just different evil things than the evil things he wanted to be doing). Killing people to serve her master rather than the Skinsaw cult’s nefarious business dealings. Ho hum.

He tells us where to find this Zenisha. And I suppose we should confront her soon.

Silly makes us clean up the sawmill and then spends all afternoon doing math to figure out our booty. sigh.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon counting and identifying masks. And then we unloaded a bunch of crap. Rested up. Let baby silly gawbones change up his spells. And made our way under the giant bridge where the Shadow lies.

Ugh. It stinks and there are ugly poor people here. I hope we can get in and out without much sticking to us.

We head into the decrepit clock tower hidden by mist and silence. Naturally there’s some big nasty scarecrow. Piehole spends the whole time nursing his wounds in the corner. Silly Gawbones and Monkey boy wave their arms around ineffectively. It’s up to me to get the job done.

Which I almost do even it as it tries to run away. My heroic effort inspires Silly to take a swing and he somehow manages not to make the killing blow.

The scarecrow runs away and everyone just let him! Unbelievable!



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