RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 023 by Renbity

tick tock

Tick. We let the flesh golem run away. He was practically dead. I wished him dead. It probably took, because I don’t feel like running after him.

There’s nothing on this level…or so PieHole says as he checks the remaining rooms and I run to catch up with Silly and Monkey boy on the second floor.

These stairs are creaky and have lots of breaks in them. It’s really unsafe here. Plus there’s no way up to the top where the big bad is we think.

We have all these ropes we tied together and Monkey Boy plans on flying it up to the top of the tower. But then one bells falls and takes a chunk out of Monkey Boy, another chunk of staircase and slams into the ground…so quietly thanks to that silence spell. A faceless stalker follows the bell to the ground.

I run over to the rope and start climbing! I climb up till I reach where the rope is tied off. There’s not much left of the stairs in this area and no way to go higher! Piehole is right on my heels and he grabs the rope saying that we should go up to the next level and throws the grappling hook over to the other side…and then swings over like, well, some kind of yodeling monkey boy. Oh and by the way, I’m stranded over here on the stairs to no where!

But Monkey Boy sees my plight and comes and rescues me.My hero! Swoon. Cradled in his strong and yet slightly damp arms, he carries me to the top of the tower until our progress is impeded by two horrible faceless stalkers who immediately attack us. Monkey boy lullabies one to his death. It’s misty up here and I can’t see. I have to advance carefully along the beams to find another to fight. But it’s hard to swing properly and balance. There’s one ahead of me but I can’t quite connect with him.

It’s infuriating! I keep swinging and swinging and finally get a little nick on him.

He tries to shove me off the beam, but misses. I get another little nick out of him.

I finally get couple of good swipes at him and now he’s really hurting.

He tries to escape along a rickety staircase outside the tower but I catch up to him and smite him down mightily! He regrets his encounter with the Biter so much as he plummets to his noisy moisty splatty death.

Then I have to wait like half an hour for the rest of the party to catch up. When Silly gets up here he’s muttering something about a rope and PieHole is looking chagrined.

This floor is deserted so I climb to the next one. This is definitely someone’s hidey hole…there’s a demon flying in circles around an angel statue or some such. Is that who we’re looking for? It hisses at us. Great.

But Monkey Boy determines that the demon is an illusion. Well that’s nice. Until a giant creature appears with a bunch of snake like stuff on her. Oh that’s going to be bad.

Then six more of her appear. Now it’s going to be badder.

With her first attack, Monkey Boy crumples lifeless to the floor. It’s the baddest.

PieHole is the next to fall.

I’m next up, but she misses. That’s all that saves me.

I crit one of her images. Dammit all. There’s only three left now.

Silly gets the two dead ones up again, but just barely.

Where’s a fireball when you need one?

PieHole is dead for reals.

We should flee…but Silly wants to stand and fight. Monkey Boy is willing to take us both to the ground. We both jump into Monkey Boy’s waiting arms and fall gently to the ground. So sad.



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