RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 024 by Renbity

In which we spend a butt load of gold

It’s hard to believe that the big galoot is gone. We return to the inn to mourn, lick our wounds and shore up our defenses.

There’s another big galoot at the inn claiming to be Piehole’s brother. Well, that was quick.

We spend as much of our money as possible getting healing potions, weapon improvements, scrolls and such.

The Biter now drips with acid. Goes with my charming disposition.

We return to the tower and find that it’s all blocked off with hazard signs.

Monkey Boy levitates to the top and reports that the top floor is vacant. He brings me up there for searching. I find a note that indicates that Xanesha had a sister! And she’s even more horrid! There’s also a comment that she was supposed to collect the Lord Mayor of Magnimar’s soul. And bids her come to visit in Fort Rannick.

So now there’s two of them. Yay.

The Lord Mayor of Magnimar is still alive. So I guess his soul didn’t get collected. We strike out for Fort Rannick because, well, why not?



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