RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 025 by Renbity

Shall we gather at the river

We’re taking off on a boat trying to catch what’s her name’s sister. The guys make us stand watch that’s so dumb. What’s going to happen on this boat on a river?

I’m softly dozing on the prow when I hear a nasty buzzing noise. A dark swarm of mosquitoes comes after me! I scream and run and jump onto the fo’c’sle and bang on the hatch to be let in. The guys let me in but I can hear the screams of the fellow at the steering thing (yeah, she knows fo’c’sle and not tiller) as the bugs descend.

I light my torch and prepare to lead my fellows into battle.

I am going to burn the swarm to a cinder but Monkeyboy summons a puff of air to blow the swarm away.

It’s kind of disappointing even though Monkey boy caught malaria from the swarm and it took him a couple of days to get over it…no thanks to Gilly who doesn’t seem to be that good of a healer.

We continue our journey down the river…the monotony is finally broken up by an attack of a gang of boggards. We make quick work of the frog men. Of course we do. What were they thinking? Why one even tried to get his sticky tongue on me! I haven’t been this grossed out since that sleepover at Galadriel’s place where we played two minutes in Rivendell. Ugh.

I finish one and Monkey boy sends the one tonguing me to sleepy town. I send him to a more permanent rest with my next action.

We make quick work of what remains and continue on to Turtle Back Ferry. It’s raining. Ugh.

We get some info from the church and sort of kind of learn stuff. It’s boring. Then we go to the inn to make arrangements to sleep and guess who is here? Shelelu! Hurrah! The party is saved! She explains that she is here because her mother was killed by a dragon and she tracked her mom’s boyfriend to the fort to try and get some answers.

She knows how to get to the fort. We’re going to go up there and find out what is going on!

Shelelu is going to be so impressed with how my skills have increased since she last saw me! She definitely thinks the Biter is very impressive.

We get some information for the locals. I don’t think we really need any of this info…but the guys insist.

The people around here are the worst kind of hypocritical superstitious yokels. Holy crap but listening to them is infuriating.

Silly Gawbones wants to check out some nearby woods so we waste some time doing that. On the way we are accosted by some fey creature that kind of looks like a dragonfly. It’s a pixie! Naturally we want to check it out. It’s all frantic asking for our help.

He says his mistress is sick and needs our help. We follow…it may not be our best idea.



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