RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 026 Renbity

New technology time!

We follow the little pixie into the forest. He’s so afraid. He wants us to help his mistress. He’s afraid of the water nearby and I look into the pool and see that Silly Gawbones is a vile undead monster. This is not really surprising news to me, but today it is more unsettling than usual. I feel seriously weakened by the image.

The pixie leads us deeper into what was previously a lovely glade, but is now pretty dead and horrifying. There’s an undead nymph in the glade who wants our help. She thinks that she had a human boyfriend who was taken by orcs [ogres] and is demanding that we fetch her lover and return some portion of him so she can resurrect him. Yes, yes, just the tip. She is very angry and going to destroy the town and everything in the area if he isn’t returned.

I’m sure he was just getting a little strange…but there seems little to do but follow the orcish [ogrish] trail to try and track him down.

The orcs [ogres] must be covering their tracks. I lose track of them before Bitter Hollow. And no one in Bitter Hollow saw the orcs [ogres]. I can’t believe we lost them. No one in this dumb town knows anything. We return to the turtle place. I guess we’ll have to make our way to the fort.

In the afternoon rain. That’s dumb. Who planned this?

After we cross the bridge, we hear a wounded creature in the woods. I scout forward to see what it is. First it sounded like a cat in pain. Then hounds howling. Then someone singing low about being bitten.

It’s a fire pelt cougar caught in a bear trap. It seems excited to see me. I soothe it and it responds well. It must be someone’s pet, it’s so well behaved.

Shalelu recognizes the beast. It belongs to her stepfather. That doesn’t bode well for him. I bet she is impressed with how well I soothed him though.

The PieHole replacement frees the cougar.

The hounds and singer approach too quickly. We’ll have to stand and fight. Silly casts some mists to hide us. As we wait, a massive ogre [ogrekin] and four riding dogs burst onto the scene.

I shoot at one of the ridin’ hounds and then finish him off with the Biter and the help of the cougar. The rest of the party also makes quick work of the hounds. The redneck ogre [ogrekin] bursts into tears and runs off as the last of his dogs is burnt up by Silly’s lightning.

Now I kind of feel bad.



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