RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 027 by Renbity

Follow that cougar

The cougar wants us to follow him deeper into the forest. So we do, although Silly Gawbones bitches about it like we need to get on with our main adventure. But that’s nonsense! Why would the DM dangle a tantalizing side quest under our noses if we weren’t supposed to take it? it’s kind of like setting up your western characters to get into a fight with some reprobates in El Paso and then being all shocked when they start a fist fight!

Anyhow, we follow the cougar into a diseased and damaged clearing with two buildings on the North end of it.

Some people waste a bunch of time buffing up. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about and it’s a total waste of spells.

But then pumpkinhead comes running towards us and it is ON.

We hurt it pretty good quickly and it goes runnin back for mommy. Uh oh. That’s can’t be good.

Silly Gawbones steals the kill from me! But he gets his payback when he barges into pumkinhead’s shack and gets the shit blowed out of him through booby traps.

heh heh…I said booby.

Anyhow, not Piehole barges ahead and bangs a door down and there’s the nasty mammy and her zombie ogres what wanna have their way with him. We should quietly close the door and back away.

But we don’t. Mammy starts shoutin some kind a spell but Silly Gawbones silences her. I’m also shocked speechless that he’s so useful. She is so pissed off at this that she flies around the room seeking any little corner where the silence doesn’t reach while we make quick work of her zombie spawn.

Unfortunately, she finds it.

But she wastes her time doing nothing good. And then Monkey Boy put her to sleep. I stepped up to put her down. And somehow she resisted her doom and woke back up! [Editor’s note: All hail the DM’s Nat 20 on the coup de grace Fort save!] She snaps her fingers in a sassy way and vanishes! How the heck does something that big vanish?

I move back to where I can hear myself again. Whew! We start exploring the rest of the decaying cabin…mindful that zombie momma cass could be on as at any moment.

Shelelu gets hit by a trap. I’m secretly pleased that she’s not perfect. And horrified at the same time.

We find more of the deformed children. They wanna fight, but can’t put up much of one. It’s sad. But here comes mamma with reinforcements.

I run at her and take some bites right away. I cannot stand looking at her monstrous countenance. She must die!

We do a fair amount of damage and take out her reinforcements before she makes for the basement. Of course…it must be the basement. She calls out to something there. This is going to be good.

And by that I mean bad. Very bad.

We run down into the dark after her.



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