RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 029

Infiltrating Fort Rannick

The heroes spent some time healing, equipping and interrogating the surviving Black Arrows. Some suspicion has fallen on Kaven Windstrike: he might have been responsible for helping weaken the defenses of Fort Rannick prior to the attack.

Jakardros and Shalelu were reconciled, though their relationship remains fraught.

But these suspicions were put aside and the group trudged north to scout the Fort, with the three surviving Black Arrows as guides and Shalelu as support.

Looking at their options, the party decided to infiltrate the secret passage behind the waterfall and use some tunnels to enter the keep from below.

Gilly used his command of the weather to cloak their approach in fog and distract the ogre guards with a well-placed lightning bolt.

Once in the secret passage, they encountered some shocker lizards. Apparently they can be quite nasty in large numbers. All eyes turned to Renbity for guidance. She remained curiously silent.



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