RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 030 by Renbity

Now where were we?

So we seem to have lost some time again. Was I in a pub? Some kind of party? Maybe that Silly Gawbones doped me with something.

I come to in the tight caverns under the fort. I guess we’re trying to sneak in.

Sir Malthus draws the attention of a couple of shocker lizards. Naturally, they want to mate with him. Of course they do.

Everyone runs up to engage them. Maybe I’ll just stand back and see what happens.

Turns out there’s a bunch of them, so I have to help out. Hopefully Shelalu is impressed with my shooting in close quarters.

Now they are trying to shock people in a group! That isn’t fair.

But we make quick work of them and only one of us dies and then just for a minute. All the lizards go down and then we have to use pretty much all of our healing to recover. So I bet this means there’s a big bad around here somewhere.

And we’ll be all out of good spells and healing.

We come upon a door into the Fort. Sir Melthas barges in. Of course he does. And guess who is there? Lucrecia! She turns into a snake-like creature and the battle is on. Of course it is!

Called it.

We get to hard fightin against her, too. There are spiritual whore weapons and giant gorillas and plenty of failed will saves.

But we make our mark on her and just as she starts to falter, she waves her hands and disappears. Great.

Is she in the jail cells? No. Is she up the stairs? No! Will all our magical effects wear off before we find her? Probably!



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