RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 032 by Renbity

Why am I tied up?

So I really just want to kill some ogres. But instead I find myself tied up by my not-so-helpful party members. I mean, I could be out there slaying all the spare ogres which will severely speed up the post boss mop up. And which I also think would give me a better chance of surviving this encounter. But that’s not the point.

With a massive force of will I throw off the compulsion to kill ogres). I can’t get out of these ropes, though! Dammit, Silly, come here and get me out!

Silly does release me from the ropes and I run up the stairs and into the rooms, only to pull up short in front of a patch of squirmy black tentacles! Ick! They disappear almost immediately and I race after not Piehole into battle! Shalelu follows me and between the two of us we mop up the remaining ogres without anyone’s assistance. Yay!

It’s oddly quiet in here, though. So quiet that Shalelu gets shanked by a Lucrecia that appears out of nowhere!

I fire a couple of arrows into her! She doesn’t fall to the ground incapacitated as I would expect. Hmmm.

The battle rages on and we chip away at her. Surprisingly, she stays just a little too long and Silly and not Piehole take her down just as she tries to flee! Huzzah!

We make sure that no alarm has been raised in the courtyard. There’s still probably lots of ogres that need killing there. But no need to rush into them.

Now we loot the bodies! And yes there’s lot of goodies!

And now we are ready to storm the courtyard and take down those ogres. You know, the ones I WOULD have killed if someone hadn’t tied me up before. Oh well, mop up should be fun!



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