RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 034 by Renbity

In which Silly Gawbones runs around nekkid for no reason

In the night, Not PieHole mutters about in his sleep about tying me up. I tied his boots together while he was sleeping.

I feel so much stronger this morning. And now I have this shiny dagger that I am keen to stick it in not PieHole. Yeah.

We find some mushy letters to that swamp lady to her no doubt dead beau. We’re supposed to return his remains but we can’t find them.

So we get the bright idea to try and get dead snake lady to tell us where the dead Fort leader guy was. But even in death her will surpasses Silly’s by oh so much. He’s so frustrated. It’s totally worth it.

We decide to search some more places for his body. I don’t care about this mushy side quest, but that nature chick had promised some dire consequences. I don’t live around here. Maybe I don’t care.

But off into the crypts we go to try and find this guy. We find something, all right. I knew it was a trap. But we batter it into the dirt. It’s re-dead. We find nothing of interest in there.

There’s a bridge over a deep chasm. There’s a little halfling body at the bottom. But it’s old…not someone we’re looking for now. Jakardros wants to go see if it has any rings on it. Of course it does, but you shouldn’t take rings from halflings. No good can come of that.

But you know he has to go down there and check.

Silly wants to stay another day so he can talk to some dead guys. Yippee.



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