RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 035 by Renbity

Oooh, nice boots!

Silly makes another lame attempt to speak with the dead snake lady. It fails.

It’s still raining and this rain is definitely not natural. The locals said it was caused by a coven of witches. What do they know. Probably caused by that crazy nymph.

There’s a super keen pair of boots that lets you walk on water and stuff. Sweet. They are just my size! I put them on even though Shalelu really really wants them. We might have to wrestle for them later.

We decide to summon a hawk and I speak with it. It turns out this hawk had a crush on Lemitar and says that the ogres dragged the body off to Hook Mountain. So that’s where we want to go right? The hawk goes on to say that the town is flooding and the river is overflowing its banks. The town is endangered. The dam is cracking and something big came fell over it. It sounds very dire!

Sooo…off to Hook Mountain we go!

I will lead our fearless party into the mountains to retrieve whatever is left of Lemitar’s body so we can return it to the nymph. And hopefully she will stop this rain. And probably the town won’t completely wash away in the meantime.


Shalelu helps me guide the party up to Hook mountain.

Anyhow, we’re sneaking our way up there in the rain when we see a couple of ogres who don’t see us right away so Shalelu and I attack right away.

We make quick work of these guys. The rest of the party helps a little.

We make our way inside the cave. It’s dark in here.

Like really dark.

Silly lays down some fog and we sneak our way up there but I stumble a little on the steps and OUCH THAT HURT. They spot me. They being a giant and a couple more ogres.

I take a gentle love tap from the giant. It’s not that bad. He regrets it shortly as he gets put down and one of the ogres falls prey to the sleep/kill combo that is our hallmark.

I shoot at the remaining ogre and there’s sounds of additional ogres stirring in the distance. No so distant as one turns the corner.

Silly shoots some serious fire at them. You would think they would turn tail and run at that. Well, at least the few who are left standing after. But they don’t.

We kill a bunch more but more are coming. More and more! However will we kill them all?



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