RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 036 by Renbity

In the heat of battle...

We’re in the midst of taking care of a bunch of ogres.

Whose idea was it run headlong into their lair anyway?

We settle this bunch down and move onto the next room where a single ogre stands with a couple of captive maidens. Gilly seems to think this scene might be more than it appears. NONSENSE. Kill the ogre.

We ignore the damsels and attack the ogre. Who turns out NOT to be an ogre and the damsels turn out not to be damsels. But we don’t know that till the not-ogre is practically dead. And then they all turn out to be licorice flavored hags. Great.

Well, you know what? I AM THE DAMSEL. I kill them all! Or at least I stick an arrow in one. It doesn’t seem to do much and yet she retaliates by smacking me and grabbing me. I think she likes me.

Somebody slices her arms right off and I’m free! I shoot at the nearest hag who happens to be asleep…and apparently that just pisses everyone off because it wakes her up. Oh well.

And now Jakardros is all injured and mad. I keep trying to kill her, but my arrows just bounce off. Fortunately, Shalelu comes to my rescue with a magical arrow. And not Piehole gets another good slice in leaving Jackie with the final kill. I’m just gonna stand over here and not get in the way for that.

We go around in a very orderly fashion looking for something else to kill. Unfortunately, the next thing we find is already dead. Yep the guy whose body we are looking for has been turned into a lich. A frost lich at that. Swell. Cancel that ice storm, Silly Gawbones.

Silly blinds him and we start chipping away at him. He makes quick work out of Monkey Boy’s dire ape, but that still keeps him from attacking any of us. Shalelu and I strike true with our arrows. Jacky tries hard, bless his heart.

Not Piehole runs up the stairs to attack and the lich strikes at him to little effect.

I shoot him right in the eye! That’s going to leave a mark!!

He’s almost dead and Silly dashes up the stairs trying to steal the kill as usual. But Shalelu puts the lich down!

We all get a little healing from the pillar of life that Silly puts up. We try to ignore his lewd comments about stroking his pillar. Great. I want to wash my hands.

The lich has a nice bow. So Jacky takes it, being the sole remaining black arrow and therefore the leader by default. And Shalelu takes his bow. And I take her bow! Wow, this bow is really long!

Now, we could have stopped there, but no, we had to go stumbling into the next room which had a couple of stone giants in it. Yay. Giants.

I practically kill the near one single-handedly while evading a fireball I might add. Hopefully the other giant doesn’t have too many of those! It’s not going to matter much though. Monkey boy puts the hurt on him but good.



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