RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 037 by Renbity

They might be...wait for it...

GIANTS. Ha ha ha.

Anyhow, this Giant magic user guy isn’t going to last very long. I shoot a massive arrow in his chest. That almost does him in.

But I like to leave a little something for the rest of the party, right? I mean, I’m nothing if not giving.

Silly lays down some mist. Which totally gets in my way. Dammit.

The giant is angry and wants to make us pay. Or rather makes the rest of the party pay. I don’t know what happened but they all start running out of the mist away from the giant.

As they start running away, I run in. The giant advances on me and tries to land a spell on me. I shrug it off, drop the bow and bring out the Biter. I take one massive swing and send him down. I take another swing just to make sure he’s down. And he is. I wait around for the rest of the scaredy cats to return. Which they do, eventually.

We get a bunch of stuff from the dead giants too. And now the boring accounting begins. There’s a magic pair of boots! Ooh, but they are just good for snow walking. Bah. Leave it to the starks.

Oh look, some writing on a piece of skin. Nice. It’s a note explaining that some bad guys are headed to Sandpoint with a dragon. Sounds like a good place to avoid.



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