RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 038 by Renbity

one for you...two for me...

So we arm wrestle for some loot. Yay. We need to get going since we have at least three main quests to complete and I’m pretty sure we’ve already blown at least one of them!

So I’m going to take off with Monkey Boy and the dead Lemontard to the wood nymph. We’re teleporting because, boots of the mire or not, these boots weren’t made for walking. It’s not just a ploy to get some alone time with Monkey Boy. The only tolerable person in the party other than Shalelu.

We pop right into the glen and the wood and the nymph appears and we hand the body over. It’s all romantic and sad and shit. Like watching The Notebook.

And just like that she reincarnates him. And gives me this awesome blessing because she loves me. Monkey boy gets nothing but this quality time in my presence.

We return to the party and make our way back to the crumbling dam at skull crossing.

We have to get up to the top of the dam through these steep giant steps. But we’re in a hurry so Havelock just dimension doors a few of us to the top of the dam. Where Silly magically controls the water and tries to repair the dam. And Monkey Boy flies along aimlessly. And Not Piehole ummm, I dunno. And I keep a sharp eye out for danger.

So it’s no surprise when I see that Shalelu is trying to get my attention with an arrow. She mimes that there are giants hacking at the dam nearby. I have Monkey Boy fly up and confirm the information.

There are giants half-heartedly trying to demolish the western side of the dam as they did on the eastern side. We must go stop them. But there’s this skull covered building in our way.

Silly kicks in the door.



I shoot em up good and end up grappled in the troll arms for my trouble.

Silly casts and ice storm down on them. Then Not Piehole is all skating around the ice and delivering the great cleave to all the trolls within reach.

Monkey boys flaming sphere starts killing them for real and before you know it, they’re all dead!

Silly opens the door on the other side and in the far distance we can see the ogres which already half shot through with arrows. No doubt the work of Shalelu. We advance on the ogres to do our part.



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