RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 039 by Renbity

dam dam dam dam dam dam

The ogres at the other side of the dam are being whittled down fast by Shalelu. I better run if I’m going to get a whack at any.

I don’t make it. She kills them all before I get there.

Oh well.

We start searching around for treasure. And we even find some. Some gems and some fancy lacy pink gloves. Perfect for not Piehole.

We find a room with some fancy door with giant writing on it. Jackie says it means “giant mr. stinky below.” Great. Sounds like a place to avoid. But instead we open the doors and make our way in.

We reach the bottom and find a room full of skulls and slimy water. At the end of the pond is a some hideous fish creature. Great.

I shoot at it a few times. As does Shalelu. It’s not dead yet, though, so that’s kind of surprising.

Monkey boy sends him to sleep and it sinks into the water. PieHole tries to swipe at him before he sinks too deep. But he only splashes the water. Which wakes the dam thing up again.

I get a shot off when it surfaces briefly. And Jacky finishes it off. There’s no time for rejoicing, though a nasty scorpion thing made of skulls comes chittering out and attacks Shalelu. Noooooooo!

I shoot and shoot at it. And Monkey Boy dimension doors her away from the beast. But not Piehole steps in to take her place. Jacky does some damage too, but this thing is hard to kill.

Shalelu and I eventually take it out and in retaliation mr big stink comes up and sticks me with his stupid trident. Ouch! And while it doesn’t hurt me as much as it hurts him…it hurts him enough to sink him back down into the water.

I want to hack at him with the Biter. But I don’t want to get into the water. Surprisingly, the guys manage to get the big fish up out of the water. And I finish him easily with the Biter!

Now the guys are all interested in some model over on the far side. Boys and their toys. So typical.

They think that the model controls the working of the dam. But there’s no power for the thing. We go into the last room and there’s a dead devil and a nearly dead devil. And apparently that was the power source. The nearly dead demon wants to be released. We think we need some power to run the flood gates and stuff.

We strike a deal with the devil to heal him up some and he will get a couple of devils to come power up the thing long enough to open the sluice gates and save the town. And then release the guys. And leave it for some engineers to sort in the future.

But Silly needs to rest up to do this. So it’s time for a nap!



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