RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 040 by renbity

readin and rightin is for chumps!

We made some deal with the devil and then there was a lot of talking and documents. Man that was boring.

Finally Silly casts a couple of spells and frees the devil!

He vanishes and then brings a couple more back. He warns them to get into the circles and immediately the damn dam starts working.

The floodgates open and we make our way back to turtleback mountain to collect our accolades and maybe a reward or two.

There’s a lot of flooding. But otherwise the villagers are ecstatic to reach out to touch their saviors. Some of them get a little too touchy. Monkey boy is all interested in who built the dam and when it was built and so on. So we have to listen to bunch of boring crap about Tarzog the Ruinlord of greed. It sounds like the same boring stuff we we heard out in Sandpoint that one time that we had to listen to a boring story. I know it doesn’t really narrow it down.

Anyhow, the village is really trashed. It’s still really mmm….er…DAMP.

I immediately hurry to find George and make sure he’s OK. Fortunately, he is.

People are still worried so we give them the good news that we saved the damn dam. But they don’t even care because apparently Black Magga got loose and killed a bunch of church goers. Hard to believe anyone misses them but they are apparently sad and concerned that she will come back soon.

Meh, she probably won’t come back while we’re in town!

We split up to gather more information and Shalelu and I head over to the bottom’s up. har har. Jacky finds out that someone went off after a some old site that is the same as the site in a note that said that Dragons were headed to Sandpoint.

Monkey boy tries to divine the location of this special place. And then there’s a lot of map reading and discussion. This is even worse than those boring lectures.

Now we have to get a boat? Ugh. I hate boats.

Anyhow, after all that, we decide to get a boat and head to Sandpoint first.

And we need to get some more ranger types from Magnamar.

There’s a lot of stuff to do.

We stop off in Magnamar to relay the info about the black arrows. We stop off to see mayor grabass to tell him the bad news. He seems fairly unwilling to provide replacements for the black arrows. But Jacky manages to make him see the light and he begrudgingly agrees to send some more rangers north.

And we have all this treasure to share out. So that takes a lot of time to do. I am bored and just spend a lot of time rolling around in all my gold.



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