RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 041 take 2 by Renbity

And now, finally, the giant battle...with giants!

The smoke wafts dreamily over the wall, covering the city in a safe blanket. cough…cough….too bad we intended it to blow the other way.

We hear the giants muttering in the distant smoke. Silly won’t buff up George so I send him back to the stables. Shalelu summons an Eagle. Silly plants explosive wards on the road attempting to funnel the enemy into a sleep ward.

I fix my hair.

There’s a couple of explosions along the road. We can hear the cursing of giants. They are funneled into the sleep glyph but sadly it appears to have no effect on them.

Jackie tries to entangle them but they resist.

Shalelu’s eagle takes a bite out of one.

I practically kill a giant in one attack.

Wow, Jackie finishes him off and kills the one behind him for good measure. Hmmm, perhaps I’ve underestimated him.

He inspires me to nearly take one out on my own. Nearly. He runs away in fear.

Some of the flying members of our party start flying away. Wha…?

Don’t mind me, I’ll just stay here and protect the city single handedly.

Monkey boy’s monkey stays with me. Hmmm…haven’t seen him around for a while. He is gibbering something at me. I don’t speak monkey…well, I COULD speak monkey but that would require using a spell right now and I’m busy smoothing my hair.

No giants dare come down the road and challenging me! Right, monkey?



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