RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 042 by Renbity

Putting the Dragon in Dungeons and Dragons

I man the wall until there’s news of a nearby dragon. Monkey boy flies over to collect me and take me to the dragon.

Swoon. Sure, normally the dude rescues the damsel in distress by flying her away from the dragon. But I am no damsel. Into the fray!

I get a shot off and do some damage. Surprisingly the dragon does not drop to the ground. Instead I get a look that leaves me shaking in my cool boots!

We get a little safer distance. Or so I think. I shoot him again and he really does not like that. He flies over and burns us to a crisp. Monkey Boy floats gently to the ground.


I’m mighty scorched and my hair is messed up. Smells bad. Ugh. I drink a little drank and feel a little better. I gave some to Monkey Boy and he almost regains consciousness.

I have a little more drank and feel a little better. Then Monkey Boy makes me feel a whole lot better. If ya know what I mean. I run towards the dragon like everyone else.

A giant Silly Gawbones floats lethargically above us like some kind of disgraceful parade. He charges suddenly and nearly puts him down. Puts him down enough that he turns tail and flies away!


Jackie boy says, But let’s not forget there’s Giants in the south making trouble still. Seriously? We can’t take even a minute to enjoy this near victory? How unfair.



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