RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 043 by Renbity

Giants to the south of me giants to the weast of I am...

Stuck in the middle again…

We watch the dragon fly frantically away from us and get to enjoy it for just a few minutes. Shalelu hears the cries of distressed citizenry from the west and the south. Of course she does.

I guess a heroes’ work is never done.

Silly gawbones floats to the ground like a malevolent stay-puft marshmallow man. He urges us to gather around and seek healing in his creepy pillowy arms. I must be under some sort of compulsion because I do as he suggests.

It takes a couple of tries before I feel normal. I head off in the direction of the shouts with Shalelu and Kibb in tow. But Monkey Boy calls us back and offers to teleport us to the other side of the town. I’m all for avoiding a run. We pop into place right in front of the damn giants. Who see us of course. And I’m so discombobulated by the teleportation that I miss twice! Unbelievable. Clearly they are enchanted in some way.

We chip away at them. Literally. Because they are stone giants. Get it?

They aren’t amused and do a serious amount of damage to us with little effort. Huh, that’s not so good.

We continue to do some damage and Monkey Boy even makes one fall asleep. But Not Piehole falls to the ground anyway. The lead giant looks pretty damaged and Monkey Boy fireballs him out of existence and does some good to the one taking Silly Gawbones apart.

I black out for a bit and someone takes the one taking Silly apart down. I run over to the sleeping one to put him down. There’s still the sound of battle to the south.

We dimension door over there and I have to swap the Biter for my bow before I can do anything. to him. But as soon as I get the bow out, Shalelu and I pretty much take care of one and make a good start on the other. The giants were looting the city of stuff and something squirming in a sack.

We make quick work of them. But there’s still a battle going on somewhere in the city. Monkey boy is going to fly over there and can only take one elf. I elbow Shalelu out of the way and hop on Monkey Boy’s back for the ride. Oh, if only the boots of the mire had spurs on them.

We come across a couple of giants that are looting the brewery. Hopefully that’s going to work against them.

We make quick work of one and the other runs away! What? Sir! I demand satisfaction! I manage to stick an arrow in him as he is running away. As does Shalelu. And Silly sticks some lightning in him. But he’s still upright. Kibb is unable to bring him down. But Jackie brings him down from a distance!

And now Sandpointe is safe! For now. From this threat anyway!



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