RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 044 by Renbity

Boring lecture stuff

So now everyone wants to go look at the tower that the giants were taking parts of the tower. But why in the world would anyone want any boring old rocks from there. But we talk to the sage who tells us the same old boring story about this stuff and someone wants to get a proper rock scholar to look at the rocks. But instead we’re going to go back to that glen where that angry nymph was and see if she can help us.

I go with Monkey Boy and Jackie to the glenn. Well we TRY to go to the glenn, but Monkey Boy dumps us in some random place, So we try again and get closer but still not quite there. And then Jackie blows his magic horn which summons a tiger which then tries to kill him. Monkey boy then does a terrible job of getting whatshername to help us out. Eventually she succumbs to my charm (singular) and lets us leave the rocks to look overnight. We camp out nearby and get a desperate message from Silly Gawbones wondering why we’re not back yet!

I respond: Camping overnight in bitter hollow. Keep your panties on. Back tomorrow you greasy smelly scalliwag of a pirate cleric who probably has all kinds of…

Dammit, I got cut off.

Anyhow, the next morning we get a bunch of boring stories about some hag in a war tower and blah blah blah. I’m pretty sure we already heard all this stuff. I’m guessing. I wasn’t really listening.

Anyhoo, with that info in hand, we teleport back to Sandpoint and actually get there this time. I’m assuming someone else fills the party in on everything we “learned”.

We set off the next day to whatshisname’s fist. Where I guess all the plotting and planning for these attacks is goin on.

Along the way we see lots of giant sign and evidence that they were camping along this same way. And we run into some ogres because, of course we do.

But they don’t last very long. At least not in the face of my mighty arrows!



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