RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 045 by Renbity

Felix Hernandez loses a no-no bid in the 5th

For some reason we kept one of the ogres alive and Silly and Jackie want to ask a lot of questions of him. Ugh. So boring and now we don’t even get to kill him.

This seems terribly unfair.

We do make him pinpoint on the map where we’re going. So that’s something since we didn’t know exactly we we were going. But it’s 9 days away. Ugh.

Monkey boy pops back and forth to prepare Sandpointe and rally some support. Or something. And we make our way to the Storval Stairwell.

Which has a lot of giant stairs, btw. And is guarded by several giants and some scaly winged beast with a stinger over on one of the towers.

Silly Gawbones has a crazy idea to take his growin pills and masquerade as a giant with a couple of us in his pocketses or something. We settle on us acting like we’re tied up as prisoners on a horse. And then the horse “escapes” and we’re not really prisoners so we leap from the horse and attack as we get close.

I plan to stay with monkey boy and get teleported up to the top where I can just whack someone. And then Shalelu falls off the horse and the jig is up and the battle is ON. Well, no plan lasts its first encounter with the enemy anyway.

Anyhow, we shoot the shit out of those Giants. And the wyverns don’t last long either. And they are loaded with loot, too.



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