RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 046 by Renbity

Ummm...kill something?

So we had just finished cleaning up the Stairs and now we should head East to find the giants. Except all the tracks are leading to the West. So it seems to me, Shalelu and Jackie. But the rest of the party insists that we head off to the east based on the information we got from our previous interrogations.

This is why interrogations are dumb. But we move along to the east anyway.

There’s a lot of talk about a plan. Oooh, no one wants to into the Giant camps. So we teleport to the other side of the gorge and speculate about which tunnel we could take and whether any of them of them provide a good path into the middle of the giants fortress.

The top tunnel looks pretty deserted and the bottom looks like wyverns live there. ick. For some reason some one thinks the top tunnel has undead things in it, but I wasn’t really listening, so I don’t know why. Whatevs. The divine intervention suggests that a path into the giant compound is hidden in the top tunnel.

So we have a plan to go into the top tunnel. But it’s all dark and creepy in there and we don’t have any lights. And we left half the party back at the original spot and we’re waiting for Monkey Boy to rest up and fetch the rest of the party. But instead we get entangled by some nasty undead spider (and her two bitchy friends) and have to waste all our good undead arrows on them. Jackie nearly goes over the edge and Monkey Boy tries to fireball the entire party in an effort to burn up the spideys.

After I handily put one of them down and fiercely injured another, one of them entangled me and I tried to cut myself free but all I can do is whack senselessly at the ground.

Jackie falls to his splatty death.


Shalelu and I finish off the remaining spiders in a blind rage. And now we plan to rest and recover Jackie…the old softie.



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