RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 048 by Renbity

Still with the stone giants...

For some reason we’re following some craggly old giant lady who claims to support our cause. These things never turn out well.

We follow her to some far off alcove. And then she starts telling us some long ass story about forbidden magic and blah blah blah.

The short version, as I gather from Silly’s plan, is that everyone wants the Stone Giant leader dead because he’s a dirty muggle or not a dirty muggle or something.

Anyhow, we make a great plan with her to hide the guy we just killed and then sound the alarm to distract the rest of the giants and trolls. We just needed to sneak down to the south to get out of the way.

And sneak we did…well, except for Slartibartfast who trips over his own feet and makes enough of a jingle to rouse a nearby troll. We manage to silence him and then stick him and then burn him enough to make him really dead. [Editor’s note: the troll, not Sherbartelbast]

Another troll is coming, but I take off down the corridor with Shalelu. The guys move in and maneuver it so the new guy is in the silence now and then proceed to beat the crap out of him and set him on fire.

I figure they’ve got this so I hang in the tunnel and wait for it to finish up. I have to wait a little longer than I expected, but they eventually take care of it.

We make our way into the southeast…there’s a room with a weird polished marble looking floor. I’m guessing that’s bad. The magic people say there’s some kind of effect but it’s of such a complex and arcane nature that they are not able to tell what it is. There’s a giant runeslave in there…and we dispatch him handily after putting him to sleep.

We’re about to go into the next room when a glowing forge fiend floats out of the wall and starts some shit. So we try to knock some holes in it but the damn thing spews out a bunch of slag…some of it gets on Not Piehole. The creature floats back into the wall so we run into the next room.

Which has a cauldron and fire and a Sihedron Rune and a giant stone construct there waiting to kill us. Because of course there is.



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