RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 050 by Renbity

big boss time...

Well we found the stone giant leader and he’s all buffed up and mean and impossible to hit!

So we have no choice but to surround him with blade barriers and throw bombs at him.

Our arrows mostly just bounce off of him. It’s very frustrating. Plus he keeps hurting us.

Surprisingly, other members of the party have a few tricks up their sleeves.

We make quite a bit of headway against him and just as we have his back to the wall, he teleports away!

What a cheater.

We assume he’s just gone into the room we couldn’t access, so we bust our way in there using a handy elemental courtesy of Monkey Boy. And we find…

Nothing. Nothing but a clockwork librarian. Are you kidding me? We busted into a library? What a waste. There’s no sign of the big bad, either. Although plenty of signs that he was here plenty.

The librarian doesn’t have any useful information and this library is the most boring place on earth.

So here we are, just missing the big bad…again. And we have rooms full of treasure for the taking. And presumably vast experience…but instead, that female giant comes in and warns us that she has killed the big bad and there’s some of his supporters are on their way to avenge him. We must defeat them in order to gain the trust of the rest of the giants. Because of course we do.

Time to gird up for battle…



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