RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 051

Epilogue Chapter 4

So I shoot Silly’s charm arrow into the nearest young red dragon. And it fires off and while the other beasts seem to avoid the effects. Perhaps I can use the dragons to fend off the other ones.

Whatever…I am the mother of dragons! The dragons don’t seem to want to be part of this mess. So they move away from the fight. I discern that they are also charmed. So now they are counter charmed or something. Either way, they are having none of it.

That’s fine it looks like we’ll have our hands full with the lion ladies. They make me sick (apparently).

I’m worried that the dragons are going to get hit and that will make them throw off the charm. I encourage them to run away and save themselves. We’re making slow progress against these lion beasts.

My dragons move to safety and we take one of the lion ladies down and can then concentrate on the other. It really does take all of us to take one out. Man.

Between the giant lady and me we take out the other beast pretty easily. Shalelu helps a little too.

I set my dragons free so they don’t have to serve the hateful giants anymore. And because in roughly 11 hours they will probably turn on me.

Then we need to rest and count and fondle the loot I guess. mmm….I am feeling much stronger and smarter! rawr!



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