RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 052

So, what's next?

So we’re in pretty good shape except for not Piehole who is blind. But Silly Gawbones takes care of that using a spell and some kind of creepy salve that he rubs into the dudes eyes. Ewwww.

Then the party wanted to learn a bunch of stuff about the Karzog the Burninator and the rune lords. It’s really boring stuff. And they won’t stop asking questions about it either. I mean it goes on for DAYS. Ugh…I sleep a lot. And occasionally make fun of the eggheads and their dumb questions and weird names and boring places. I think we’re going to spend all of our time stuck in here. FOREVER.

I am so bored.

But somehow we come up with the idea that we needed to get a rock from Sandpoint and catch up with one of the stone giants and have them talk to it and we’ll learn something important about it.

Whatever, anything to get out of this horrible place. I teleport with Monkey Boy back to Sandpoint and everyone is so happy to see me! I collect my due and learn of an alarming sinkhole that has opened in town and which is scaring people. I go look at it. Apparently at night scary noises come out of it! I want to go in, but Monkey Boy wants to get the rest of the team.

Fine. Whatever. He goes to fetch them and it takes him a long time for just needing to teleport around. I guess he got lost or something. While he’s gone, though, I have to talk to that little annoying scholar who wants to know EVERYTHING that we learned. Ugh. So I tell hims some stuff. I mean, it’s not like I was paying attention.

But he gets really excited when I tell him about robot book lady and the liberry. So I promise that Monkey Boy will take him there when we’re done with the scary pit. He’s very excited about that.

The pit really does have terrible screaming in anger and howling at night. It’s not nice. I stare right into it and nothing stares back.

The rest of the group arrives and we head down into the pit in the light of day. Hey, we’ve already been here, like a long time ago when we first came to Sandpointe. We don’t find anything in particular except that a stairway that was blocked with rubble is now mostly open. Save for the spiderwebbing in our way.

Surely that’s a good sign…



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