RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 053 by Renbity

Grapes of wrath

Boy. nothing is more inviting than a stairway down to the unknown all covered with spiderwebs.

And down there we meet the Scribbler, AKA the traitor. the one who knows where the Runeforge is and hid the key. And he thinks he’s all clever and stuff. Probes us for information. I don’t have anything to share since I don’t pay attention to those long winded lectures.

But old Silly, no he couldn’t keep his boring pirate hole shut. He went on and on spilling the secrets of everything we’ve learned in an attempt to gain the confidence of this foul fiend.

But instead all we got was some big ass demon to fight. Yippee. And fight it we did. With everything at our disposal! But will it be enough?



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