RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 054 by Renbity

Bonus Gaming

Silly uses the lightning to get rid of the demon’s mirror images. So that’s handy. I rub the magic Holy Weapon balm on a bunch of arrows. Silly makes suggestive noises while I do it. What a pig!

But the arrows do the job and the rest of the team helps out a bit, too.

We take the demon down and move toward the sound of Scribbler casting another spell. I’m sure that’ll work out well for us.

It’s a couple more demons. They avoid me because of the magical circle. Which turned out to be a great idea.

We light up the southern room but there’s no sign of Scribbly who has apparently gone all invisible.

Eventually, he gets antsy and attacks us, though and that makes him visible. And he’s within reach so I swing at him with the Biter and make a bit of contact. But before I can finish him off, a blade barrier appears in front of me. It almost nicks me, too! Dammit!

Between the blade barrier and something awful that Monkey Boy does Scribbly gets really, really hurt and then disappears. Dammit.

We chase down deeper in the cave and run into a bunch of hounds of love…er…Lamashtu. I call a rock slide on them which really angered them! And then they came howling at me and at first it didn’t seem so bad and then they just kept coming and howling and howling and I ran away because it was so scary and I didn’t know what else to do!

And I ran. I ran so far away.

What am I so ascared of? Dogs? That makes no sense at all…I turn around and head the other direction.

Hopefully I didn’t miss all the fun…\

[DM note: “all the fun” consisted of Gilly and Havelok defeating the hounds and then confronting the Scribbler single-handedly while the other 4 PCs fled in fear.]

I come around the corner in time to see a parade-balloon-sized Silly fall to the ground. Apparently I lost the Biter when the hounds scared me. But I still have the bow…I fire wildly at Scribbly and miss.

We’re trying to destroy Scribbly no matter what. Even Monkey Boy runs up, rubbing his feet on the carpet and delivering a mighty shock. Sherby follows it up with a shock bomb. Scribbly is terribly wounded…so naturally he disappears.



Some frantic healing gets Silly back on his feet. He’s mad and looking to take it out on the Scribbly.

Bring it.

[DM note: evil squee!]



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