RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 056 by Renbity

First we buy a bunch of stuff...

We spend an inordinate amount of time shopping for this excursion. We have a ridiculous amount of money from all the loot we’ve been holding onto. We pretty much clear the town of their magical goodies and Monkey Boy makes more while we’re traveling to the place with the stone faces.

We quickly (and rather surprisingly) figure out that each RuneLord is associated with a school of magic and you have to waste the appropriate spell on the head and then you get a key. So we do all that and, having exhausted our spells, naturally, the dragon appears.

Of course it does. I immediately get iced and bitten. It knows who the powerful members of the party are clearly. Good thing I have this pathetic potion of cure serious.

Monkey boy manages to remove most of the dragon’s protections. Oooh. Nice. I manage to not hit him a few times. Silly Gawbones gives me some real healing.

Sherby’s bombs seem to do some damage but no one else can hit effectively or get through the spell-resistance. So we manage to keep him on the ground but aren’t able to do much during this time. Ugh, it’s so frustrating.

The dragon grabs Sherby in his mouth and shakes him like a squirrel. Not Piehole misses again. And then there is a blinding light and a bunch of explosions.

What the hell? It’s like everything that he was carrying went off. And while it may have done a little damage to the dragon…it did a lot of damage to Sherby and Not Piehole.

All seems lost. Must be time for a cliffhanger…



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