RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 060 by renbity

Giants are my favorite!

So back inside the tent in the middle of this area…a giant swings a club and connects heavily with me. Ouch! Not in the face!

I kill that one and step away to get some healing on. I hope.

Silly puts his hands on me a little more than I think is actually necessary for the healing. ugh. I need a shower. I drink a potion too. The rest of the team either kills or sleeps the remaining giants except for the one they chase deep into the tent.

Where those harpies are looming.

That doesn’t sound good.

I follow Silly Gawbones into the tent and we find Not Piehole drifting happily in a patchouli scented haze when suddenly he turns on us! So we have no choice but to put him to sleep.

I shoot at the demons. And Silly nearly puts them down just with wind.

We get them eventually and do a little damage to the evil wench running the show. All of a sudden things get very fuzzy. I can’t seem to see or think straight. The evil wench disappears and Silly is standing right next to me. What? What did he do? I was going to kill her. Enraged, I attempt to grapple him. But he avoids my grasp.

And now that gnome is making trouble I grab him and then he tries to grab me and then Not Piehole lands on top of us. And then the fog clears. What. The. Hell? I shake my head to clear the confusion and step away from Not Piehole. Ick.

We check out the last room. It’s full of pillows and some weird looking figures in the corners.

Of course. The weird never stops.



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