RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 062 by Renbity

Zombie assholes

Well. it doesn’t take very long to get rid of the very hungry zombie. So that’s something. Silly runs into the next room without really looking and the room was full of mummies! Of course it was.

We manage to handle them ok but Shelalu and Silly Gawbones don’t look good. And Silly is scratching his crotch (even more than usual).

Fortunately, Monkey Boy seems to have the right stuff to remove the mummy rot. I don’t even want to know how he does it.

We find a series of secret doors that lead us into the next room where there’s a devourer and a high level liche! The liche wants to ask us some questions.

But bolstered by stone skin, heroism, and a good dose of arrogance, I rush in to take the old man’s questions. But he’s just like the scribbler. Wanting to know who was awakened, what happened to Thassalonia, who is in charge. Who has the biggest army. How many rune giants are in it? So lame.

We attack the Devourer and make quick work of him. The liche cowers behind a wall of force. We dimension door to the other side of the wall of force and the liche pops to the other side of the wall. Dammit! We have monkey boy take us back to the other side.

I swing wildly and miss the liche! Sherby breathes fire on him. He waves his hands in the air and I see a sickly green light coming at me and then…



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