RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 064 by Renbity

what happened?

I come to on the floor of a bloody dungeon. Not PieHole is missing and no on can say where he is. I have a wicked headache. Silly Gawbones keeps going on about how I owe him. Ugh. Not looking forward to paying that debt.

There’s a lot of talk about how to fetch the big lunk back from where ever he is. They keep saying Nirvana. Why would he ever want to come back? It sounds lovely.

There’s a bunch of boring crap about making tuning forks, tuning them, plane shifting, building more forks, tuning those, shifting again and landing about 500 miles away from where we think Not Piehole is. We wind walk to find Not PieHole. And ask him to come back with us. And he says, nah. So I kick his ass and drag him back against his will.

We plane shift back to RuneForge. Having lost only 4 days or so.



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