RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 065 by Renbity

yay for sloth!

We make our way into the next area. It stinks. I mean it stinks worse than Silly Gawbones’ foot locker. The room is full of canals filled with a putrid sludge. The air has a poisonous overtone so I cast Life Bubble on everyone so we don’t die of burrito farts. We make our way through the disgustingness. It is really disgusting.

Like worse than that one time in that half-orc dormitory.

Since half the party can fly, they help us get over some of the areas without having to touch the slime.

We explore the area carefully. But eventually come to an area where a couple of filthy tentacled beasts with gaping teeth maws for tummies crawl out of the poisonous sludge. Because of course they do.


It is kind of fun shooting from Monkey Boy’s back like he’s some kind of magnificent pony.

I can’t seem to do any damage. And then all of a sudden I’m in the slimy mess and I don’t have any idea how I got there. I’m able to get one sideway shot off to no avail.

Not Piehole puts one of the Cthulhlu’s down. Whew. Now only one to go. But I’m pretty useless here. I can’t seem to do much.

Silly summons a shiny lighted lantern dude who is able to do serious damage to the tentacled beast. It gets pretty angry and dives into the water to attack the lighted one directly.

This gives us the opportunity to make for the northern doors. There’s the sound of a mumbling spell caster on the other side. Great.

There’s little left to do but bust the door down.



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