RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 067 by Renbity

Wrap up the sloth and on to greed.

So the fire elemental takes off. And monkey boy says he can deal with the icky jellies. So we all back away and let him. He proceeds to make a mess of it but eventually gets it done.

We collect some of the mixed up body humors to serve as one of the ingredients in our rune forged weapons. After we’re mysteriously reminded as to what we’re doing here.

But this also sparks a spirited discussion as to whether we had collected all the appropriate components from the other halls. Which sadly lead to a return to the rusty cages of lust. Where we had to face the shining children for possession of a bejeweled dildo. Now that’s not something you hear in adventuring very often.

Fortunately Silly banishes the shining children before they can blind us all permanently. So someone selects an “appropriate” dildo and puts it away in the bag of holding.

At least I think we only took one. I didn’t want to look or count too carefully. Bleah.

Then we head off to to the halls of greed where Not PieHole immediately triggers a trap that smooshes he and Silly Gawbones into the wall nearly killing them. I manage to dodge out of the way at the last minute.

We get past that using a secret door. And we come to a fancy pool that has a few fancy water babies in it that. Nasty creatures call me names but I will not be goaded into a fight with them.

We move into the next room where there is another fancy fountain with a stone statue that immediately comes to life. Yay for stone golems. But Sherby has an extract that he drinks that lets him disable the construct and then Monkey Boy uses stone to flesh on it which lets us just beat the crap of the golem. Which we do. We make short work of him.

Good thing there’s another one then tromping down the hallway.

Does Sherby have more magic anti-golem juice? Yeah, he does! Yay! He disables this one too and the party has at it. I hold back a bit. Chipping away at the golem with cold damage from my bow doesn’t seem that efficient. Plus I am getting mighty low on arrows. I let the rest take this kill.

Silly says he hears another one coming. Another one? We don’t have any more golem disabling juice! What are we going to do? Monkey Boy throws some glitterdust on him which blinds him. So that’s awesome.

Monkey boy casts something on the golem that means he will do damage to himself when he damages one of us. I cast gravity bow on myself to do a little more damage and move away. I don’t want to get pummeled even if it does hurt him.

I take four good shots but don’t seem to be doing the damage I would expect. But the rest of the party is able to come through and put him down.

There’s not a moment to relax. We hear another one coming. No really. Another one.

We have to take this out the old way. Well, including this new tactic of having Monkey Boy put some retribution on it and then we just let it hit not PieHole until the retribution damage kills it dead. But it takes a long time and I keep missing or not doing much in the way of damage and then Sherby teases me with that stupid vile vial and I throw my bow on the ground and cry.

I’m just going to sit in the corner and eat this chocolate thank you very much.

THe golem eventually dies. I don’t really care. At least I recover 6 arrows. Not that they will do much good.



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