RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 068 by Renbity

There seem to be a lot of golems around here

But most of them are now laying in crumbly bits on the floor.

We start checking things out around the area. We find a room that has some kind of magical effect on it.

The magical people think that the room is designed to test fabrication. Mostly fabrications, I guess. Anyhow, it seems dumb and boring. Why don’t they just make it right the first time?

We find a bunch of these rooms. This must have been the worst place ever.

We find another room with a fountain and an angry magic user made of metal. He immediately fires a prism of rays at us. Oh wait! I remember this! Not green, not green, not green, not green and I get hit by a lovely violet something but resist the urge to shift to another plane.

The rest of the party resists pretty well…some taking a little damage. But no one got shifted to some other place or just killed outright from poison.

Whew. He runs out of the room and we race after him. Silly sweeps him up in a gust of wind and he falls prone to the floor a few times. Pretty much every time he tries to move. Silly moves the wind out of the way. Not Piehole and I rush in. Silly makes it all silent in the area. And Not Piehole and I start just whacking on him.

We’re doing some serious damage to him, so he flies out the silence and disappears. Because of course he does.

We chase afterwards and in the next room there is a massive demon in a binding circle. He says that all he wants is to be released from the binding. Of course he does. And why shouldn’t he? So we strike a deal and send Silly Gawbones to walk nonchalantly across the floor. Then Monkey Boy attempts to dispel magic.

And attempts to dispel magic.
And curses. And attempts a greater dispel magic.
And attempts a greater dispel magic that finally works!

So we release this nasty demon creature and I’m sure there won’t be any repercussions of that.

And race into the next room…where we blade barrier him and then just beat the crap out of him. Or rather…miss spectacularly when we only need to take a few points off him. ARGH.

At least we have him surrounded. Including a Sherby that has turned into an earth element. Weird.

Many attacks miss and finally Monkey Boy puts him down via a series of very annoying paper cuts. But not before the metal one manages to turn Sherby into stone. Which is weird because he was already earthen. Oops.

We search around and find a spellbook with a stone to flesh spell in it and Monkey Boy uses that to turn Sherby back into an earth elemental. I guess. Weird.

Anyhow, Sherby’s all excited about reading these dumb books. So I think I’ll rest up. I bet I feel stronger in the morning.



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