RotRL Wednesday Nights

Session 069

Wrath. Wrath! Wrath!!!

The heroes entered the Halls of Wrath. A wide corridor of polished marble opened into a brightly lit and extremely tall chamber. The portion of the far wall was entirely covered in a mural of an armored woman with crimson hair holding a burning ranseur and riding on the back of a massive red dragon. A square outcropping of smooth stone marble jutted out from the far wall, rising from the floor to a height of thirty feet.

An opening in the wall directly behind the flat top of the stone column led deeper into this section of the vault.

A twelve-foot-tall iron statue stood on this platform, an enormous bow gripped in its metal fists and a strange rune that looked almost like a pair of fangs decorating its chest.

The statue (to no one’s surprise) turned out to be an iron golem. It was engaged and dispatched before it did too much damage, but Sherby had to use several of his disable construct elixirs. Meanwhile, a low deep rumble rang through the walls.

Beyond the golem was a hallway that led to a smaller chamber. Two engraved circles in the ground surrounded large runes in their center. The one to the east was red, while the one to the west was blue. Havelok identified both as teleportation circles.

As the red one had no effect, it was surmised that the blue one would teleport the party to the next room, so everyone jumped on at the same time.

The party arrived in a barracks where the inhabitants, likely alerted to their presence, were ready to fight. The many sinspawn and warriors of wrath fell before Gilly’s hurricane winds, Sir Melthas’s axe, and the arrows and curses of the others. But the foes did manage to immolate the party with fireballs several times.



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